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We believe that creativity, efficiency and performance are the cornerstones of successful AI-supported marketing strategies, measures and campaigns.
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Use of AI in corporate reorganization and restructuring - know-how and access to AI as a key inhibiting factor

In turbulent times like these, AI can serve as a lifeline for SMEs. While large companies are already using AI solutions, SMEs are lagging behind. It's high time to catch up and shape the future!


The three pillars of successful AI marketing

Marketing AI-Readiness Score

Clear marketing objectives, a willingness to innovate and technological infrastructure are key factors.

AI-supported customer journey

Transparency, personalized recommendations and real-time offers are key strategies.

KI based Prompt Engineering

Customized solutions in collaboration with marketeers, developers and designers.


AI – Readiness

Creativity meets efficiency and performance - BSI's Marketing AI Readiness Score

BSI's Marketing AI Readiness Score assesses the readiness of companies to integrate AI in marketing. Clear marketing goals, willingness to innovate and technological infrastructure are key factors.

Customer centricity

Companies with a high AI readiness score align their AI applications with the needs of their customers. The focus is on personalized marketing approaches and tailored customer experiences.

Clear marketing goals

A company with a high AI readiness score has clear marketing goals and understands how AI can support these goals. The integration of AI should be based on strategic considerations.

Agility and willingness to innovate

The ability to react quickly to change and pursue innovative approaches is a key characteristic. Companies must be prepared to test and implement new AI technologies and methods.

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Markteting Determine and benchmark AI readiness score

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AI – Journey

AI readiness is not enough - BSI AI customer journey

BSI AI optimizes the customer journey through AI, overcomes acceptance challenges and increases willingness to pay. Transparency, personalized recommendations and real-time offers are key strategies.

Personalized recommendations

Use AI algorithms to create personalized product or service recommendations based on individual customer behavior. This can lead to customers being more inclined to accept relevant offers.

Dynamic price adjustment

Implement AI-based systems for dynamic pricing. These can react to real-time data and adjust prices to take advantage of customers' maximum willingness to pay.

Chatbots for personalized customer service

Integrate AI-driven chatbots that are able to respond to individual customer queries and provide personalized support. Efficient customer service can strengthen customer loyalty and increase the likelihood that customers will be willing to spend more money.

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Optimize customer journey and use AI-driven systems!

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AI – Experience

Aligning customer experience and AI - BSI Prompt Engineering

BSI Prompt Engineering harmonizes customer experience and AI by designing creative and effective prompts. From conception to analysis, we offer customized solutions in collaboration with marketers, developers and designers.

Conception of prompts

We help Prompt Engineer to develop creative and effective prompts that can be used by users to interact with a system. This requires an understanding of user expectations and the functionality of the system.

Optimization of user interaction

We use prompts to help improve the user experience by ensuring that AI requirements are clear and precise. This can include the use of natural language, instructions and feedback to optimize the user experience and guidance from AI experts and prompt engineers.

Customization to different systems

BSI Prompt Engineers provide prompts for different platforms or applications, including chatbots, AI models or other systems. This requires customization to the specific requirements and interfaces of each platform.

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Use the design of creative & effective prompts!

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