Who we are

BSI is a global business development company

that believes in new ways of accelerating growth. Our mission is to become your scalable business development platform to support your growth agenda better and faster. We identify and grow new businesses by combining our innovation and management capabilities, and transfer them to new, underserved or untapped markets. We are capable to build and manage a complete new value chain or work as a highly innovative integrated partner to your portfolio of consultants, agencies or digital service providers. Our goal is to scale new businesses into leading market positions and to generate measurable results.

Our work has enduring impact

because we are following the new rules of the changing industry paradigm:

  • Ideas over Investment
  • Conversation over Announcement
  • Organic growth over Artificial Insemination
  • Simplicity over Completeness
  • Surprise over Repetition
  • Long tail over Mass Audience
  • Share over Protect
  • Present over Subscribe
  • Early availability over Correctness
  • Select by crowd over Editor
  • Honest voice over Corporate Speak
  • Experience over Publication
  • Link over Product
What we do

Accelerating growth.

Creating Experiences.

Creating unique customer experiences is one of the key success-factors in dynamic industries. To understand the needs of the customer BSI analyze the customers journey from pre- to post-purchase and identify the most relevant touchpoints and white-spots in order to build unique solutions revitalizing experiences.

Transforming Businesses.

Strong competition and new technologies force companies to transform their companies dramatically. BSI identifies new areas of businesses that aren‘t obvious but relevant. Together with our clients we are mapping visionary growth initiatives to find new ways to connect with customers and stay ahead of their competitors.

Generating Demand.

Becoming irrelevant as customers tend to shift to competitors and other product categories is a common challenge. BSI helps generating demand by fusing customer insights, visionary strategy and disruptive innovations and creative solutions to activate customers and improve the growth of products, brands, and companies.

Our Business Development Platform:

Marketing &

Who You Are

You are aware that your growth agenda is a multi-dimensional challenge and new insights and approaches are needed. You need to bridge the gap between the C-Suite requirements and your on-the-ground teams. None of your existing partners and solution providers can deliver you the innovations because they think in silos. You need to generate quick-wins without forgetting to pave the ground for your long-term growth strategy. You are looking for a strong partner that you can constantly challenge for practicable solutions and measurable results.

BSI is your partner.

Why we matter

Striving for innovation.

Customers first.

We generate ideas for our clients’ customers, not for themselves. Thinking outside the box and help fulfilling an unsatisfied need is our main driver. We always work on something so powerful people will eventually pay for.

Ideas matter.

We seriously believe that our ideas have a huge impact on people interacting with our clients’ products and service. We understand how our ideas support or even change our client’s customer’s journey.

Be open.

The smartest and most creative people will always be outside our clients company. We collaborate with everyone, everywhere. We try to share and collect ideas with/from the everyday people and to tap into the world of creativity outside the companies.


We keep our ideas simple and stupid. If we can’t explain our ideas in 10 seconds the idea might be too complicated and hard to understand. We follow simplicity as a new mantra in highly dynamic industries.

No limits.

In all industries it is hard for people to know, or even imagine, what they want. We think big but start small. We encourage ourselves to think the impossible can come true but we never forget to start early.

Ideas are a process.

The first versions of our ideas would never be the last one. We share our ideas early enough and challenge them continuously. We keep on iterating until we think we have the best possible idea for our clients customer needs.

Fail smarter.

Only 1% of all best ideas have the chance to become a real success. We take the risk to fail but never stop learning from mistakes. We correct mistakes fast so we never get left behind.


We never kill ideas completely, we keep them. Any great idea that wasn’t good enough right away has something interesting in it. We keep our ideas, share our ideas and eventually mash them up to something our clients’ customers really need.
Where we challenge

Challenging the best.

We are constantly challenging ourselves with the best in the market. Challenge does not just help us to grow our knowledge and skills; it helps to grow our clients businesses faster and better.


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